Family Hotel - Restaurant St. Constantine and Helena - Ivaylovgrad : Location

Family Hotel-restaurant St. Constantine and Helena is situated in the town of Ivailovgrad, at the new quarter “Drujba” right next to the central zone of the town. Located in an area, which perfectly combines the fresh mountain air of the Southeastern Rodopi and uncovers a wonderful panorama of Ivailovgrad, where at a clear day one can also see the close Greece. Near the hotel are the touristic sites Vila Armira, Liutica fortress and other milestones of the Bulgarian history.

With its style, cosines and warmth, Family hotel-restaurant St. Constantine and Helena combines the modern business hotel with a lovely spot for vacation. It has its own guarded parking lot for its guest and offers free transport from bus and railway stations Ivailovgrad.

Family Hotel-restaurant St. Constantine and Helena is open for You all year round and offers different packages with included accommodations, gala dinners and performances in the different year periods.

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